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Signature Treatments

Exclusive waxing treatments to The Wax Bar salons

The Wax Bar have created signature treatments to rescue your more delicate skin areas, keeping the bikini area clear and healthy whilst working to care for and improve the skin after waxing treatments.

Deluxe Wax

£13 - 15 mins (in addition to any Bikini waxing treatment)

Our Deluxe Wax can be added as an optional extra to any of our Bikini waxing treatments. Designed to maximise your comfort, minimise pain associated with waxing and give superior results where needed, this is a great addition to our famous and well loved wax options.

Treatment includes hot towel application prior to waxing to open the hair follicles, which can enable quicker, less painful hair removal. After waxing, some ingrown treatment is carried out, carefully extracting unwanted and sometimes painful hairs which have become trapped under the skin's surface to enhance your smooth finish. Therapists will apply a selected product to best suit your skin concerns and recommend any aftercare to prolong the results you have achieved.

Signature Treatment

£27 - 30 mins

The revitalising Signature treatment lasts between 20-30 minutes and is designed to be carried out post-bikini wax treatment. The ideal time is 1 week after your bikini wax to maximise benefits of the results.

The treatment has been designed to address any irritations, aid in the treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs, soothing and moisturising the skin to reduce the look of any impurities or effects of discolouration and generally improve the skin's overall health in the bikini area.

Although the perfect treatment if you are prone to ingrown hairs and bumpiness, the treatment is suitable for anyone so choose to pamper yourself and take care of the skin 'down there'.

Mama Wax

See prices for bikini waxing treatments - 20 - 30 mins

Pregnant? No problem! Lycon Wax is 100% safe to use throughout your pregnancy and you couldn't be in better hands than those at The Wax Bar.

All of our bikini waxes are popular choices throughout pregnancy, our experienced therapists will select an oil and wax which is suited best to your skin type and make sure you are comfortable throughout your treatment using pillow supports for your hips, pelvis and lower back. Just make sure to let us know when booking your appointment so we can allow for the additional treatment time for your comfort.

We can also plan a treatment schedule counting down to the big day to make sure you are hospital ready!

The Wax Bar Pregnancy Wax

I'm 29 weeks pregnant so I was worried that my Brazilian wax might be more painful than usual. However, the therapist was as gentle and kind as she always is and the whole experience was over quickly with minimal pain, very pleased! Stacey, Morningside

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