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Bikini Waxing

If you are just after a tidy up then this is the treatment for you
Bikini Wax Diagram

Short, back and sides! Hair is removed from just outside the pantline and a little from underneath. A small amount of hair can also be removed from the top if requested. This is a very basic tidy up of the bikini line but enough to make sure you are bikini ready!

Disposable underwear is provided for this treatment. For the smoothest finish, we recommend that you have the region waxed every 4 - 5 weeks and use one of our recommended homecare products, available in store. For ladies trying this level of waxing for the first time allow up to 12 hours for any redness to subside and the region should be out of sunlight for 24hours.

If you have any further questions please read our FAQs section or contact us and we will be happy to help.

I always love coming to the wax bar for my bikini wax! My waxer this time was soooo efficient- the not-super-pleasant experience of such an intimate wax was over in a flash! Thanks! Courtney, St Andrews

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